Beall Holds Significant Lead Over Coto in New State Senate Poll

San Jose, CA -- Assemblyman Jim Beall would win the race for State Senate District 15 over Joe Coto if the election were held today, according to a poll that also shows Coto has high disapproval levels among voters.

In a poll of 600 voters, Beall, who has lived in the district his entire life, holds a 13-point lead among very likely voters over Joe Coto, a former assemblyman who said recently that he plans to move into the district.  Beall holds a 10-point lead over Coto among Democrats.

The poll by EMC Research also shows Beall enjoys a favorability rating of 16% to 12% among voters in the survey compared with Coto who has an 11% favorables compared with 17% unfavorables.

The poll found:

Among men, Coto has a 9 percent favorability rating vs. 22 percent unfavorable.                          Among voters, ages 50 to 64, Coto has an 11 percent favorability rating vs. 16 percent, unfavorable.          Among voters 65 and older, Coto has a 13 percent favorability rating vs. 16 percent unfavorable.

"Former Assemblyman Joe Coto's unusually high unfavorable ratings are a reflection of his record in the Assembly and his close links to special interest contributors," said Michael Terris of Terris, Barnes & Walters, Beall's campaign consultant.

"Voters know Joe Coto's 'pay to play' record in the Assembly," Terris said.  "For example, Coto took over $15,000 from predatory Pay Day lenders and hundreds of thousands from big insurance companies to carry their water and protect their interests in Sacramento at the expense of working men and women and their children.  This poll shows Santa Clara County voters have long memories."

The EMC research poll findings are available to news organizations upon request.