Defending Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Jim is a longtime advocate for our most vulnerable citizens, including foster youth and those with disabilities. He wrote the bill allowing youth in foster care to stay with their families through their college years, and he co-authored a bill that approves $300 million to shore up California’s commitment to people with developmental disabilities. In the State Senate, Jim has authored two major bills directed at improving outcomes for foster youth – including SB 484, which protects foster care youth from being overprescribed psychotropic drugs. Jim also co-authored AB 403, which reforms the foster care system and reduces the reliance on group homes to help increase the number of foster youth that are directly placed with families in the community.

Jim is also fighting on behalf of those who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse issues. He wrote the bill to fund mental health parity to make sure health insurance companies cover mental health. As a result of his efforts, he was honored as the 2016 Legislator of the Year by the National Alliance of Mental Illness. And he's fighting to expand substance abuse treatment programs to break the cycle of addiction by supporting programs that bring recovery and treatment instead of prison and support families to help those being treated for alcohol abuse.


Senator Jim Beall didn’t know us – but he saved our lives.


It used to be that foster kids like us were forced out of our homes once we turned 18 – which made college all but impossible.  But then Senator Beall gave us the gift of opportunity.


By allowing us to stay in our homes with our foster parents, we have the opportunity to work towards college degrees and careers. Without Senator Beall’s efforts, we would have missed these opportunities – many of us would have ended up with no options – on the streets, in jail or even worse. We know. Many of them were our friends.


Not many politicians care about people like us. But Senator Beall does. And it has made a huge difference in all our lives. 


We want to thank Senator Beall for fighting for people like us who don’t usually get a voice. His work has made a huge difference in so many lives, and none of us would be where we are today without his efforts.


Thank You,

Gabriel and Elizabeth
Former Foster Children