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San Jose, CA — The California Democratic Party (CDP) announced that it has formally endorsed Assemblyman Jim Beall in his campaign to represent State Senate District 15.  The official party endorsement comes just weeks after Beall’s commanding victory in the June 5 Primary Election, where he received nearly 56% of the vote.  Beall received the endorsement after receiving the support of more than 65% of local party leaders at a meeting last week.


AB 57, by Assemblyman Jim Beall, D-San Jose, was introduced 18 months ago after the idea was first proposed by former San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales. The premise was simple: In the four decades since the commission was formed, Alameda and Santa Clara counties have grown to dominate the Bay Area, with 3.3 million combined residents, compared to 810,000 in San Francisco.


Silicon Valley should offer three cheers to Assemblyman Jim Beall for bringing greater equity to the Bay Area's transportation system through AB 57. State legislators also deserve our appreciation for their overwhelming, bipartisan support of this legislation adding seats for San Jose and Oakland to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).


San Jose Assemblyman Jim Beall's AB57 would help remedy a longtime inequity that has left Santa Clara and Alameda counties underrepresented on the commission. The two city appointments would place the two counties on equal footing with San Francisco, which is much smaller in land area and population and has been fighting to keep its unfair advantage.